do we have SAP connector to integration from cloud ipaas to on-premise SAP ERP, from BW cloud edition or from TCI?


we want to move to  clous ipass (integration platform as a service). We want to choose TIBCO BWCE ot TCI. But we are not sure how we can connect and integration with on-premise application like ORacle ERP (EBS) and SAP ERP (ECC)?

We still want to use technologies like JCO (java connector to integration with SAP ERP) and JDBC (to integration with EBS ERP). Because we can not force our customers to add layer of REST and WEb service. We know that at on-premise integration TIBCO adapter uses JCO and JDBC for SAP ERP and EBS ERP. But we are no sure if the same connectors available when we want to take our integration platform on cloud? (IPAAS).



Vishal Shah

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