does anybody have any solution for creating templates in BW 6?

Hi, does anybody have any solution for creating templates in BW 6?



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Have anybody tried using the export/import feature for a SOA/REST service (not common or shared processes), and achieve re-usability of the service code, similar to using a template.
I am trying to explore, how and to what extent, I can re-use my existing request-reply service code, while developing another request-reply service. (Currently using BW 6.3.3)

Appreciate if you can share your experiences.


raghu_k - May 16, 2017 - 2:08am

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Hitesh - May 25, 2016 - 4:06pm

Found this in TIBCO Knowledeg Base

There is no feature or provision in the product which can serve as a project template. A project template can be shared by using third party version control software. The following steps can be used to share a project manually with other developers if version control is not involved.




1). Create a BW 6.x application which has shared modules, common processes, shared resources and properties which can be reused and shared with developers.


2). Export this application from Studio (right click on application > Export > Export studio project to archive) and save it in a .zip format. This will only save the application, i.e. your business logic and optionally trhe application module if required, and not the work space details/metadata.


3). You can distribute this Zip file to developers or developers can import that from a centralized location in BusinessStudio > newly created work space. This imported application can be renamed at any time as per your requirement and does not have an impact on the written logic. This way you can reuse the commonly used BW 6.x entities the way project templates feature works in 5.x.


Note that exporting and importing applications in Studio does not change the Studio's Eclipse preferences. The debug environment settings, Eclipse preferences, program and VM arguments will be by default as per the local machine. Copying workspace directories from one machine to another may lead to unexpected results, hence it is only required to copy / import the application, not the workspace directories. The suggested work around will import only application logic, not the workspace details.

prachi.chitnis - May 22, 2016 - 11:15pm
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