Does anyone have Spotfire Server configured for a cross domain environment with Active Directory using Kerberos LDAP and Forest to Forest two way transitive trust.

Does anyone have Spotfire Server configured for a cross domain environment with Active Directory using Kerberos LDAP and Forest to Forest two way transitive trust.  We have configured the server and our KRB5 file as documented and instructed with help from TIBCO tech support and tried many variations for the DOMAIN and LDAP configuration.  The connection always returns with an invalid username/password error when we try to browse the other domain's Forest.  We have tested with a basic LDAP config and explicit username and password and then we can get connected and see the other domains groups and accounts as expected but we need the Kerberos config to work.  We are able to connect with the Microsoft LDP tool and we know our Firewall and trusts are not the problem because our SharePoint applications in both domains are connecting and users are able to use either SharePoint from the other domain with single signon but SharePoint uses NTLM for the cross domain connection.  We have other apps that use JAAP LDAP browsing and they are all having similar issues.  Do any of you admin's have experience with this.

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