Does Net Change get advanced in a HubSpot query when a HS Update block is run, but does not change data in the target record?

I brought this up in a recent ticket as we were given conflicting information, but it yielded zero good information on how this works, so I'm trying here.


Let's say we have one map with only two main blocks, a HS Query that gets HubSpot Contacts using Net Change based on Last Modified Date, and then one HS Update Contact block that works against the same Contact.


Let's say the HS Update is called and runs successfully, BUT it does NOT update the Last Modified Date on the target HS Contact because no fields were given new data.


It's understood in this scenario that the Last Modified Date on the HubSpot record would not change. However, would the Net Change in the Query of this block be advanced?


I've been told by Scribe Support that no, in this case the Net Change would not be advanced. However, everything we know says that the HubSpot API does not actually tell you whether a successful update call actually modified the record (and thus changed the Last Modified Date) or not. So, if that's the case, then how does Scribe "know" the result of the Update call? It seems to us that if the Update is called and returns no errors, then unless Scribe is doing some other form of lookup and comparison, their only choice is to advance the Net Change.


All I'm looking for here is confirmation of how this works to the extent that we can all explain it and stop debating what we think is happening. If it's possible that a record would not advance Net Change even if we ran an Update on it, then we need to account for this in our maps to avoid reprocessing the same records perpetually.

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