Doubt: Spotfire and extranet interaction --- Use Spotfire Web Player to give customers access to their analyses via the extranet. ---

Dear all,

I have a question, which I do not know if I should address it here or to TIBCO support. Let me know if this was not the place for this haha.

So here the dilema. We want to publish some analysis in the extranet so other users (outside the company) can see what we have done. My questions are:

1. Can they end users interact with the analysis?

2. If they can, do we need to set up out Spotfire Server with another Active Directory (is it possible to have more than one Active Directory?)

3. In case the cannot interact with the analysis, how can Spotfire interacts  when publishing analysis in the extranet. Or is not even possible to publish analysis?

      3.1 Do we need to embed the analysis, kind of an image? Or there is a chance the end users can use the Web Player for this?

When googling about this I could not find much but just one case regarding BNP paribas. anything knows more about this?

Hope you can help, thanks in advance!

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Hi Sean,

Thanks for your reply. We recently had an upgrade to 7.6.

gpescador - Jan 19, 2017 - 7:19am ::

The answer will depend on what version your are running due to the architecture change introduced in Spotfire 7.5. What version do you currently run?

Sean Riley - Jan 19, 2017 - 7:15am ::
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