Dr. Spotfire, How can I resolve connection error between my spotfire servers

Dear Dr. Spotfire

I installed 4 spotfire servers in my company which are on cluster environment. I've got an error when I tried to install my 5th spotfire server which is also on cluster environment.  I went through the same procedure as previous when I installing the 5th spotfire server.

I can log in to  spotfire server but it shows a yellow warning saying I/O error and connection failure with other spotfire servers.port shows as 0/0 in nodes and services.

Error notice is like this in spotfire admin console 

I/O error on POST request for "https://<server>:0/spotfire/nodemanager/ping/<id>":"

connect to <server>:443 connected time out;

nested exception is org.apache.http.conn.ConnectTImeoutException:Connect to <server>:443 failed:connect timed out attempt communicate with node was unsucessful.


and in the server log it shows like this

WARN [*Initialization*] jazelcast.instance.DefaultAddressPicker:[Local][<id>][3.4]Could not find a maching address to start with! Picking one of non-loopback addresses.

WARN[*Initialization*] nodemanager.control.TopologyInspector:Exception when commnunicating with <server> I/O error on post request for <server>..............................


by the way , All of them share same repository DB and I can telnet from my other spotfire servers to my 5th spotfire server.


I would be really greateful if you can give me a solution.

Thank you.





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Hey Natasha,

Can you please attach a screeshot? I am not sure is the connectivity issue is between the Spotfire servers or between the 5th Spotfire server and the node manager. 

Prashant Anand - May 06, 2019 - 4:49pm
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