Drop down list expressions dealing with file path

I have defined a data function in the TERR Console. This function intends to import one csv file into a data table in Spotfire, and it is working like a charm.


I have two csv files between which I want to be able to switch from a drop down property control (named 'dropSourceChoice').

2 input fields property controls ('inpPath1' and 'inpPath2') are also defined for the user to input the filepath corresponding to 'source1' file and 'source2' file.

Except for the case where I directly input the file path in the 'expression' column of the drop down property control, I did not found a way to link those values to the 2 input fields value...

NOTA : I am using SPOTFIRE 10


EDIT 1 : I enclosed a zip file with : one dxp and its source files.

EDIT 2 : (test_sourceuserchoice_v1.0.1.dxp)


Package icon test_dir.zip342.82 KB
Binary Data test_sourceuserchoice_v1.0.1.dxp246.57 KB

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Well...Thanks for all your help.

I guess I'll just find a way around, using some of the tricks you've advised.


mathieu.canto.e... - Feb 28, 2019 - 1:51am
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