Dynamic column header names based on a document property


I have a requirement to create dyanmic column headers in a table visualization. The column headers will be based on a value from drop-down document property the end-user can use. The drop-down docuement proprety is a month-year ("MMM yyyy") value. 

Then the three column headers will be based on that documen property's value:

Col 1 Header: MMM yyyy

Col 2 Header: MMM-1 yyyy

Col 3 Header: MMM-2 yyyy


So, for example:

If the drop-down= "Aug 2018"

I have three column headers that need to read

"Jun 2018"; "Jul 2018"; "Aug 2018"

If the user selectes drop-down = "Sep 2018"

Column headers will appear as...

"Jul 2018"; "Aug 2018"; "Sep 2018"


Does anyone know if this achieveable? Would appreciate your help!



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