Dynamic Date -- Either via JDBC (Information Link) or ODBC (Oracle MYSQL)

I have weekly data that is updated once per month (with the previous month's data). How could I construct a custom query (whether it be via the ODBC connection to the external data or thru the information link in the information designer) to just bring back the latest 52 weeks of data? 

Each week has a particular TimeID column -- which is indexed.

In the very least, there are 108 weeks. Each month 4 are added -- 112, 116, 120, 124, etc. 

Is there a way to query the Oracle MySQL data-source to only bring back the latest 52 weeks of data? I do not want to filter and a prompt has proven to be inefficient.

I would prefer it to be via the ODBC connection. 

TimeID 1-108 (108 being latest week) -- data-source is pruned at 156 weeks. 

Because the data is delayed 1 month, most of the time functions are not feasible -- GETDATE(), etc. I'd need something that would reference the indexed value (TimeID).


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