Dynamic Endpoints with the StreamBase EMS Reader and Writer adapters

Note: This article refers to the EMS Reader and Writer adapters for StreamBase. These now-deprecated adapters were replaced as of StreamBase 7.5.4 with the EMS Consumer and Producer adapters, respectively, and they deal with the notions around what are referred to as EMS dynamic endpoints in different ways. This article is preserved here in case there are older applications that might still need this knowledge.

Attached is a sample StreamBase Studio project that demonstrates the use of Dynamic Endpoints with the StreamBase EMS Reader and Writer adapters.


The sample is derived from the sample_adapter_embedded_jmsreader project that ships with StreamBase 7.5.3.


In the interest of getting this out there while people are actively talking about it, I didn't redo the README for the project or polish the notes.


I've included a document called EMSDynamicEndpoints.pdf that outlines the steps I took to create the new sample, as well as some notes on how to run it.


The general configuration approach for JMS Providers other than EMS is the same; the admin specifics would be different.


The code in the sample is a little contrived in that we use the Writer events to cause the Reader to subscribe to dynamically created (or simply not statically-configured) topics -- in a real app it would be unlikely that the reader and writer were in the same application. But, it works!


(I haven't attempted to test this on 7.2.x but the mechanisms should be the same as for 7.5.3.)


For any future readers of this thread, please note that the StreamBase EMS adapters are in the process of changing and the specifics of how to do these things are likely to change in the near future -- so be aware that we are talking about versions up to 7.5.3 and not necessarily beyond.