Dynamically loading Shape Files in Spotfire

We have a requirement where the “SHP” files should be Dynamically loaded in Spotfire. The application will have Multiple shape files from different countries and districts. These shape file should be stored in some repository and then loaded on-demand based upon the data loaded in analysis.

There will be only one DXP file which will be accessed by people across different geographies. So, based upon the data loaded for a particular region, the “SHP” file should be loaded dynamically.


I have been working with our GIS department and what we are going to try is this. We are going to combine shape files into a large shape file. The key is going to be to add additional columns that will hold other relevant data such as city, country, district, size, type, color, brand etc. then these columns can be used to filter and slice up the shape file using filters or property controls. This will give a type of data on demand where you can display parts of the shape file based on other criteria. I am going to group my shape files like you would data base tables (relevant data together and no redundancy) so one shape file might be all leasehold data and another might be all pipeline data. The point is to group like data in the shape file so you only have a few shape files.
wirlybird - Dec 30, 2015 - 9:48am ::
Yes, the files needs to be loaded on demand since they are high in number and this is at the cost of maps setting up each time.
Mustafa Ali - Dec 25, 2015 - 3:36am ::
I was going to ask the exact same thing the other day but got sidetracked. Why do you need them to be dynamic is it because there are so many? One problem I see is that the map will have to be set up each time one loads I think. I am going to ask our GIS guys about this and will report back any findings.
wirlybird - Dec 23, 2015 - 4:42am ::
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