Dynamically pass document property value to configuration block


I have a question regarding how to dynamically pass a document property value to a configuration block. I have two dashboards, A and B. In my A dashboard, I have a text area in which I can set the the value of my city column by selecting a value from a drop down list property. This ensures I have a document property value which I can use in my visualizations in dashboard A.

I now want to use that selected city, to open a second dashboard B, which shows me detailed information about that city. I know I can do the same in a single dashboard, but the customer I work for wants to create a kind of dashboard flow in which selected (filtered or marked) values are taken into account when jumping to other dashboards.

My syntax is this: http://<servername>/spotfire/wp/ViewAnalysis.aspx?file=/Public/Personal/David/Membership%20loyalty%20program&configurationBlock=<Document.Property>='City';

Whereas the last part isn't working. If I use the setfilter option, it works like a charm, but it's not dynamic anymore:


Does anyone knows the proper syntax to use a document property value in the url?

Thanks in advance,

David Boot-Olazabal

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