Dynamics CRM 2016 Solutions Not Compatible with CRM 365 - Scribe Failing

We have been using Scribe for a number of years, and recently updated one of our online CRM instances to CRM 365.

However the Scribe Routines no longer work as the connections is throwing back an error "ERROR: The following error has occurred in the Dynamics 365 Connector: Authentication Failure. You may have entered your Windows Live ID or password incorrectly."

Username and Password is correct.

The strange thing is, if I create a new connection to the 365 Instance the connection works, I have checked all the settings and they are identical.

I did consider just creating a new connection, but this would mean rebuilding all our solutions.

So my question is:

Does anyone know how to make an existing connection to 2016 work for 365, if not is there any easy way to change the connections on our existing solutions?

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