Dynamics GP Plugin Error

Hi there, we occasionally see this error on a job that syncs a price list from CRM to GP.


Error From Dynamics GP: The Item Number (ITEMNMBR) does not exist in the Item Master Table - IV00101 (7088), The Default Selling U of M does not exist in the IV40202 table for this U of M Schedule (7093), You must include the Default Price Level in the price list (7097), You must include the Default Unit of Measure in the price list (8076)

Check the following fields on the Item Price List 


When this happens, I normally have to go into GP and just add a default price list, but now it's starting to happen when a default price list is set.  With the item I am having an issue with now, the item number exists in IV00101, the default selling U of M exists (this company only has 1 U of M) so the UoM exists in IV40202.  The price list has a default price level and it has a default u o m.