Edit Data Table Source w/o Re-Building Table from Scratch


we've recently upgrade from 7.5 to 7.11 and were hoping that with the new Source View from the Data Tab it would become possible to modify the source of complex data tables w/o having to re-build them from scratch. Say you have a data table combining data from various other tables and you want to edit one of the join operations e.g. from "left outer" to "left single match" there is no way you can modify this in Edit / Data Table Properties / Source Information. However, in the Data Tabe / Source View it is the same: you can see the join but not modify it.

So we still end up having to build complex tables from scratch if there is a minor change required. Is this us not knowing how to use the Source View properly or is there really no other option than rebuilding it completely? Could not find any hints e.g. here or here but it is probably related to this question.

Any inputs would be highly appreciated!



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