Empty visualizations when having row level security


I really need help here. I was using this link in order to implement row level security.


My visualisations are empty when I open it through Web Player. When I publish the same dashboard without row level security, everything is fine.

Any thoughts here? Everything looks fine in the desktop version

FYI: I don't have any schedule yet in the Web Player (because my visualisations are empty). My data is linked to the source. I have also Shedule updates in Spotfire where I choose my data table with user mapping to be updated for each user at it is described in the link.


Here is a way I am managing row level security (as it is described in the link)

2. Select Insert > Columns...

Type: Information Link

Path: /----------

Id: --------------

Last reload: 13.11.2017 18:13

Matching behavior: Manual

Matched columns: Market Segment – Market Segment

Ignored columns: SMU short

Join method: Right outer join

Treat empty values as equal: No

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