Error Creating Invoice in NAV with Discount

Creating a Invoice in NAV with a discount shown as a negative quanity. The insert operation fails on error:

" Prepmt. Line Ammount cannot be -20 in Sales Line Document
Type='Invoice',Document No.='ORD-01078-TKQVNB',Line No.='150000'.

- Based on the NAV template, the integration works in all other respects.
- The error ONLY occurs when a negative is attempted. In this case, the
quantity is negative, but the price is positive.
- The same fields entered work on the same customer when entering using
the NAV client software (including negative quantities).

The Validation Rules table for Sale Line has the following entries in the Field Override Column.


Posted by Patty F. on Feb 23 2011 2:19PM { U26 , F4 , T1828 , C5666 }

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