Error getting in SAP adapter while connecting to SAP server after deploying the code but same is working in local designer

I am getting below error. I am successfully getting the message from SAP but while sending message to SAP getting below error in client load balancing mode.

Connection Error. Unable to create a connection with the target application <<msgservername>>using connection parameters client=<<clientname>>, username=<<username>>language=E and the target application error is 102RFC_ERROR_COMMUNICATIONConnect to message server failedConnect_PM MSHOST=<<hostname>>R3NAME=<<systemname>>, GROUP=<<logongroup>>LOCATION CPIC (TCP/IP) on local host <<host>>with UnicodeERROR service <<servicename present in service file>> unknownTIME Mon Oct 10 15:31:33 2016RELEASE 720COMPONENT NI (network interface)VERSION 40RC -3MODULE nixxsl.cppLINE 184DETAIL NiSrvLGetServNo: service name cached as unknownCOUNTER 6


Could anyone please help me on this.


Thanks in advance.