Error inside execute method of Java object

We seem to be consistently getting this error. We fix it, and it comes back. The only reference to it in the manuals are related to having an EAI step as the first step in a procedure (which is not the issue). The error is:

EAI call-out failed ("Error inside execute method of Java object - com.staffware.eaijava.FatalPluginException: Execution failed at com.staffware.eaijava.impl.SWGenericPlugin.execute( Caused by: com.staffware.eaijava.FatalPluginException: Execution fai")

We are now getting it when we use an iProcess Decisions plug-in or the BW Connector plug-in, but not on the JAVA EAI plug-in (we've also seen it using the JAVA EAI plug-in in the past). Has anyone else seen this error?

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