[ERROR] Using R to set Document Properties in Spotfire


I was using R to set document properties like this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81vXShmDyOM

Everthing was fine.. I've created some documents properties, and all worked well.

But from now on, ever time i try to set a new document property with this method, i get this error when creating an expression to pass value to the document propery:

Data function Nome Projeto as property debug output

Unmarshalling 1 input parameters.

Input 'resultValue', sent by inline XML

chr NA

Done unmarshalling input parameters.

Marshalling 1 output parameters.

Output 'selectedValue', sent by inline XML

data.frame w/ 1 obs. of 1 variables:

 $selectedValue: factor w/ 0 levels:  NA

Done marshalling output parameters.

The script of Data Function is:

selectedValue <- resultValue

Input Parameters: resultValue as String

Output Parameters: selectedValue as Value

The parameters are:

Input: expression ==> UniqueConcatenate([BD - BD].[NomeCompleto])

Output: document property ==> FilteredNomeCompleto

Note: Column [NomeCompleto] type is String.


What's going on? This process for setting other documents property works perfect, but now the newest aren't.

I'm using Spotfire 7.14

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