Executing procedure with cursor - not working properly


I have created a procedure with cursor in CiS (Cisco Information Server). I would like to call it from Information Designer (Spotfire 6.5). I pass few Input parameters, 1 of them is used in cursor which delemits values (delimieter is ';'). Thanks to that I can update many rows at 1 query.

 The procedure works perfectly directly from CiS, but when I call it from Infromation Designer (or template) it update max. 2-3 rows.

I have OUT parameter  in Procedure:  OUT outTokens PIPE , but it is not seen in INformation Designer. I1 added some other column and in SQL query select distinct 

I assume there is an issue with job time, I think it is closed before it has really finished. 

I checked logs and query looks properly:

2016-11-03T03:42:14,349-0500 [*pool-3-thread-36, EU\--, #12561*]: Executing Information Link '---_Manual_Insert_ver2':
  INIT_MAT_KEY (26e5f060-cc3f-43ce-b8e6-839e21c5801f)
  ---_Manual_Insertorupdate (4a421373-7d4a-495a-b46f-4708bc553f6c)
2016-11-03T03:42:14,349-0500 [*pool-3-thread-36, EU\puszkarski.m, #12561*]: [data-source="--"] { call "---_insertorupdate_Published"('ECHO00000013;ECHO00000014;ECHO00000015;ECHO00000016', 'CF 13 - 16', '', '', '', '', '', '', '') }
2016-11-03T03:42:14,380-0500 [*pool-3-thread-36, EU\---, #12561*]: [data-source="---"] 
   distinct 1
   "---" i1
2016-11-03T03:42:14,474-0500 [*pool-3-thread-36, EU\---, #12561*]: Information Link '---_Manual_Insert_ver2' executed successfully, time: 0.125 seconds
2016-11-03T03:42:14,895-0500 [*Thread-15115, EU\---, #12561*]: Information Link '---_CPS_Manual_Insert_ver2' job closed, time: 0.546 seconds
2016-11-03T03:42:28,264-0500 [*pool-3-thread-12, EU\---, #12561*]: Executing Information Link '---_Manual' (ed00ee3d-6a9a-4e49-9cf9-5a30b14c7e65):

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