Exporting Filtered Visualization To File Using Automation Service Job Builder

I have dashboard with multiple pages and visualization. I wanted to filter the data and export the visualization data to a csv/xls file. I was able to achieve this task using Automation Service Job Builder. The part where I'm stuck is passing the date dynamically. I tried creating document prperties startDate and endDate, set it values using the script. But in the configuration block when I set the filter, it is not taking the values. Anyone know how to get the Document Property value in the Configuration Block of Atomation Services Job Builder. I'm attaching the sample dxp file, Automation Service Job XML, screen shots & test results. I'm trying to get data for the range 2018/10/01 - 2018/10/31. But I getting the entire visualization data. If you hard code the date range the correct resultset will be exported to the file. 

Example of hard coded filter : SetFilter(columnName="NewDate", lowValue="2018/10/01",highValue="2018/10/31"); - This works, but if try to use the Document properties like this, it is not working

SetFilter(columnName="NewDate", lowValue="${startDate}",highValue="${endDate}");

Anyone knows how to use the document properties in the Automation Job Builder Configuration Block.