Extract an embedded data table from a dxp file??

So a dxp file seems to be a zip file and I can see the the data table of interest inside the folder called "DataTables".  Was hoping these were just sbdf files and could be opened using TERR and the function SpotfireData::importDataFromSBDF and pointing to an extracted version of the the dxp.  Howver i get an error about the SBDF not containing a magic number.  Is there way way to access these files inside the DataTable folder inside every dxp file?  

The larger problem I'm trying to solve is access hundreds of saved dxp files and extracting embedded data from them.  Was going to write a python script to uncompress the dxps and then then access the data using TERR (hopefully)  If someone elese has figured out another way to solve this problem with a different approachm would love to hear how you solved it.  I 've found very little on using the contents inside a dxp on google.



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