Failed to compile an adapter, written in c/c++, aix, 64bit

OS AIX 5.3

TRA 5.6.0

SDK 5.6

C/C++ Language

I can success to compile the adapter in 32bit, but can't in 64bit.

I found that the libwrap.a is not a 64bit library. other libraries from SDK and RV are command is:

xlC_r -brtl -o ad4tcp tcp.o \

-L/home/tib/tibco/adapter/sdk/5.6/lib/64 -lxerces-c2_7 -licuuc \

-L/home/tib/tibco/adapter/sdk/5.6/lib -lmaverick5664 -lrepowww56064 \

-L/home/tib/tibco/tibrv/8.1/lib/64 -lssl -lcrypto \

-L/home/tib/tibco/tibrv/8.1/lib -ltibrvsd64 -ltibrvft64 -ltibrvmq64 -ltibrvcm64 -ltibrv64 \

-L-L/home/tib/tibco/tra/5.6/lib -lwrap

output is :

Undefined Symbol: .SetServiceState(SERVICE_STATE)

Undefined Symbol: .Logging::Info(const char *)

Undefined Symbol: .LaunchWrapper(int.....


These symbols are in libwrap.a, but the lib is not a 64bit lib.