Few On-Demand data tables are not showing data in spotfire report when refreshed manually

Hi All,

I have 18 On Demand data tables in my dashboard and I invoke them manually with a Submit button. When I checked in SQL logs all my Info Links are executed properly but my dashboard is not showing up the data for 2-3 tables.. Moreover, I see needs refresh icon beside my table visualization despite the Successful Info Links Execution. When I click on Submit Button again for the second time then the dashboard will show me the data for those 2-3 left over tables. During the second step Submit, Info links will not execute as they are already executed..

How to resolve this issue? I am expecting all my data to be loaded when I click on Submit button for the first time itself. Any inputs would be much helpful to proceed further.

Script to Refresh/fetch my On Demand Tables:

    if Table.IsRefreshable and Table.NeedsRefresh:


    if Table1.IsRefreshable and Table1.NeedsRefresh:


    if Table2.IsRefreshable and Table2.NeedsRefresh:


    if Table3.IsRefreshable and Table3.NeedsRefresh:


and so on.. where Table, Table1, Table2.. are my data table parameters.


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