Filter Query by Date Range or Numeric Range


I would like to have a filter in my query that's a date range e.g. 'return all records greater than 1/Jan/2016 and less that 31/Jul/2016'

While it seems to work okay when using 'date is greater than 1/Jan/2016' I get an error message that 'less than' is not supported.

Do you have more information on this or have you been abke to filter within a date range or perhaps used a formula in a lookup or update/insert block? I

have a similar qiestion for filtering within a numbric range e.g. 'return all records between 1000 and 1500' Be very grateful for any ideas or assistance with this,

Cheers, Stephen

Posted by Stephen O. on Aug 20 2016 4:00AM { U6294 , F53 , T4591 , C13286 }

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