Filtering in related table could not be applied

Receiving error: "Filtering in related table could not be applied"

Here is the setup:

We have 2 external tables in Redshift: customer and customer_dcd. They are exact copies of each other, including primary keys (event though PK not enforced by redshift). 

We create a data connection and add the data connection to a dashboard which brings in both tables: customer and customer_dcd.

Both customer and customer_dcd are defined with appropirate managed relation definitions on the primary keys (company_name and customerid)

Customer bar chart (on the left in the screen shot) is defined with marking C1. 

Customer_dcd bar chart (on the right) is defined with marking C2 and with data limited on marking C1.

If we choose a bar in customer bar chart we expect the customer_dcd bar chart to show only those records matching the marking. But instead we see "Filtering in related table could not be applied". Why? Is it because of redshifts non-enforcement of keys? or something else.

We have done a lot of research and cannot see how to get past this. We cannot seem to have one external table in spotfire filter data in a second table in spotfire. How is this done?

I will attach a screen shot.


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I am interested in this as well. I have experienced this same issue and usually I can get it to work if I start restricting the amount of values coming back, but i would like to not have to do that initially.

kiffany.hall-0 - Apr 03, 2018 - 1:39pm ::
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