Firewall Ports for Remote Console

Hello Everybody,


we have a Remote Scribe Console installed on a Windows 10 Workstation for Monitoring purposes. It's connecting to the Scribe Insight Installation on our Windows Server 2012 R2. During the initial setup of the Remote Console I opened TCP Port 57668 of the Scribe Insight Windows Server, which I saw been blocked in the firewall when attempting to connect with the remote console, the get the connecting working. After that everything worked fine until the next reboot of Workstation. After that the connection suddenly wasn't established anymore.


After a while of troubleshooting I found out that now TCP Port 56603 was used for the Remote Console, so I opened that to one the Scribe Insight Windows Server and everything worked fine again. Again only until the next reboot.


Now I saw TCP 54841 port being used.


So it seems that a range of ports, or at least of different ports has to been opened the get the connecting permanently working.

Unfortunately I can find any documentation that specifies those ports


So can somebody help me with that?




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