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General Availability of TIBCO StreamBase 7.6.0


We are pleased to announce the General Availability of TIBCO StreamBase® 7.6.0.


TIBCO StreamBase® is a high-performance system for rapidly building applications that analyze and act on real-time streaming data.


The 7.6 release focuses on new features that improve big data integration, ease of use, testability, and large application abstraction and encapsulation.


Noteworthy Improvements include:


Big Data and Web Service-oriented Integration


  • New WebSocket Client Read and Write Adapters
  • Improved HDFS and JSON to Tuple Adapters
  • Flexible date and time parsing in JSON-related functions
  • Enhanced XML Schema import and conversion

List of available Big Data Adapters- Kafka, HDFS, HBase, Flume



Ease of Use and Increased Productivity for EventFlow Application Developers


  • Plugin operators and adapters may visually identify asynchronous processing
  • Query Table Delta Streams now appear on right side of Query Table component instead of on a visually separate input stream



EventFlow Language Expressiveness


  • User-defined functions now support multiple expressions and local @define variables
  • Aggregate operator may provide unique window id in result tuples
  • Aggregate operator can now create dimensions based on sub-fields
  • Metronome operator period may be controlled by a dynamic variable, providing runtime control of polling-style operations
  • Constants may be shared and propagated to all of a module's sub-modules
  • Module names may include constant values for more flexible parameterization of modules
  • Additional built-in functions for calculating analytics over lists and aggregations



EventFlow Application Testability


  • New TimeService API allows StreamBase Unit test to "mock" the local system time and thus create repeatable automated tests that depend on the passage of real time



Enterprise Readiness


  • New facility to define EventFlow schema from XML Schema definitions
  • Oracle Java 8 is fully supported



To download TIBCO StreamBase® 7.6.0:


For more detailed information about the Noteworthy Improvements in this release, please see




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