Generate web service from WSDL


How can I create BW process to already exist WSDL without changing anything from the WSDL?

In other meaning :I will use the same WSDL in my BW Process and also in the Tester that I test my process with .so I don't want to change any thing on it ...

If I have WSDL that contain multiple operation and has certain "soap:address location"  like the below:

<soap:address location = "http://localhost:6562/XServices/Processes/BusinessServices/XServices/BS_XServices"/>

and has soapAction for wach operation like the below:

<soap:operation soapAction = "/Xervices/Processes/BusinessServices/BS_XServices/XServices.serviceagent//operationName" 

-When  I using Generate web service from WSDL,,and give it the below location to generate the serviceAgent in "/XServices/Processes/BusinessServices/BS_XServices"

I found serviceAgent activity create with the  below URL  under ' WSDL Resource Tab" (The location URL and soap Action have been changed  and I don't want that )

<soap:address location="http://localhost:6562/XServices/Processes/BusinessServices/BS_XServices/XServices.serviceagent/ESDPServicesEndpoint0"/>

<soap:operation style="document" soapAction="/XServices/Processes/BusinessServices/BS_XServices/XServices.serviceagent/XServicesEndpoint0/operationName"/>

please if u could help ,It would be great ..



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