Getting frequent "Unable to display this connection's properties. Please contact Scribe Support" when editing a connection's properties

For our Exact Globe connector, one of our customers is reporting a problem where he cannot edit the properties of an existing connection. The property page is not loading correctly with the above error.


From my own PC, i did get to see the properties on some occassions, but most of the time I get the same error. Sometimes restarting the agent helps, but most of the time it does not. I can't see any logic as to when the properties are loaded or not.


Our connector has been running without any modifications for months and the client has succesfully used this version of our connector before without any problems.


Other clients using the same agent and connector versions do not have this problem.


I tested this for Firefox and Chrome and there does not seem to be any difference in behaviour.


We re-installed the agent, but this did not change the behaviour either.


We do see an error in the browser console when opening the connection dialog. a screenshot of this error is attached.


Any help would be appreciated.


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