Getting internal plot error when using special date heirarchy with bar chart

I am trying to use a custom date hierarchy with my bar chart to show month and week: <BinByDateTime([My Date],"Month.Week",0)>


I have a custom column defined as "Month" off the date field  - defined as Datepart('mm',[MyDate]).

The users are filtering the bar chart using this custom Month column via a filter in a text area.


The bar charts work at the Week heirarchy level for all month filter values except for April (2017). April has six weeks where for the other months are 5 weeks.

So at the Month level of the heirarchy, all months in the filter give bars.

At the Week level, any month outside of April in the filter gives bars. When the user selects Apr in the month filter, they get an error at the Week level: "Internal Plot Error"

Example screenshots are attached.

(1) January view of Week level

(2) April view of Week level.

Please advise on how to avoid the error.


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BTW, if I just use the default Week function as the categorical axis value, the bars are rendered when April is selected in the filter.

It is only when I create the custom date hierarchy that April has problems renedering at the Week level.

denise.bossarte - Feb 21, 2018 - 12:00pm
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