Having a hard time creating a custom function dll to import into scribe insight workbench.

I've been tasked with trying to implement some fairly simple logic around a data migration. The task is surrounding a phone number field for starters but will be additional validations in the near term. The requirements are somewhat simple in that the VB/C# code is able to be contained in about 12 lines or less of code, however when using the examples I've found from this site and the scribe/examples folder I am unable to get the dll to properly import into scribe workbench.


Are there any tips/tricks anyone has for how to get this to work? Or perhaps is there an alternative scripting type option within scribe workbench to perform these data cleanup operations that is re-usable for multiple fields?



Things I have tried so far:

1) Making no changes to the sample project and compiling it and attempting to register the dll.

2) Removing most of the sample code short of the helloWorld example, replacing the middle of the logic of the helloworld with my custom logic, compiling that and attempting to import the dll.


I haven't worked with the .net platform since the mid 2000's so I admit that this could entirely be some sort of IDE setup type issue and/or user error in how to compile the code.


The specific error that I get when attempting to import the dll from the example is: "Failed to register the component. Possible causes: the COM component must be registered and must reside within the Scirbe folder"


Any insight (pun intended) into this issue would be amazing.


I'm using Visual Studio 2012 Professional.


Side note, if there is a simple little scripting engine within scribe workbench that I could write a 1/2 dozen if statements to be evaluated that would work as well, The formula editor feels like it would be tough to accomplish this exact logic, but I could be wrong, perhaps that is the way to solve this..