Help: dealing with Binary data in IronPython

I am trying to build an HTML script to input in a TextField. It has a cross table and an image that is the last one from a data table in SQL Server (BLOB). Ia have tried this:

markingName = 'Marking' 
DataTableSelection = mTable 
 #get marked rows  
rowMask = Document.Data.Markings[markingName].GetSelection(DataTableSelection)  
 #get cursor on the marking for the values we want  
cursor = DataValueCursor.CreateFormatted(DataTableSelection.Columns["imagemInicial"])  
 #cycle on our cursor and do something with the values  
for row in DataTableSelection.GetRows(rowMask.AsIndexSet(),cursor):      
    imagem = cursor.CurrentValue    

print imagem

But instead of getting binary data I get the string 'Binary'

Anyone can help me with that?

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