Help with exporting subset of data table as SBDF using Ironpython

Hello there,

I'm able to export a data table from a Spotfire dxp file as an SBDF and then save it to the Spotfire Library, using ironpython. However, I would like the option to export only some of the columns. Addtionally, I would also like the option to export only a subset of the data table's rows based on a filter selection or a custom expression (preferably custom expression).

For example, if I have a spotfire data table with 4 columns "Column1", "Column2", "Column3 and "Column4", I would like to export that data table to the library but only include "Column3" and "Column4" and only for the rows where [Column1] > 10. Would anyone know if this is possible to do with Python?

Would appreciate any assitance.



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