Help me understand Spotfire Cloud

Hi Everyone, our company is searching for a BI tool and due to exposure at previous institutions, there is pressure to deploy Spotfire here.

I have a few questions the my Googling has not been able to help me with:


1) As a newish and modern company, we are only interested in SaaS applications here. How mature and useable is Spotfire Cloud? It seems a lot of competitors in the space (Tableau, Domo, Qlik) all have quite mature cloud products that provide a number of pre--build connectors to other cloud apps. However, Spotfire does not appear to have any pre-built integrations (NetSuite, SmartSheet, Adaptive, etc.), nor do they seem to really be pushing their Cloud offering. Perhaps my impression is incorrect though.

2) Why is the per-user price so much higher than most other products? The cost is $200/mo/user whereas most others are in the $50/user/month range. Is it really worth 4x the others?

3) Is TIBCO commited to maintainin and improving Spotfire long-term? We do not want to invest in dead/orphaned technology.


Thank you to anyone that can help shed light on any of these questions.