Hiding Missing Values & Regular Offenders for Outstanding

Dear Team,

I am working on requirement where i need to identify the customers who have been making payments late as a practice. For this i have built in a case statement:

case  when ([OS_DAYS]>0) and ([OS_DAYS]<=20) then "0-20"
when ([OS_DAYS]>20) and ([OS_DAYS]<=50) then "21-50"
when ([OS_DAYS]>50) and ([OS_DAYS]<=100) then "51-100"
when ([OS_DAYS]>100) and ([OS_DAYS]<=250) then "101-250"
when ([OS_DAYS]>250) and ([OS_DAYS]<=500) then "251-500"
when ([OS_DAYS]>500) and ([OS_DAYS]<=800) then "501-800"
else "800+"

This shows me the count as well as customer names in each bracket. I just want to see if there is some other option/ a better alternative to this approach. i ask so is because there are instances where customer "A" has made 2 payments in less than 20 days where he has made 12 payments in around 100 days. With the above i am not able to find a certain percentage of customer pay pattern in each buscket. Hope i am able to detail out my requirement

Also there are multiple customers who are appearing in various buckets as defined in the case statement however they are appearing as blank i.e. no contribution in that specific bucket. I need to hide all the blank values from the cross tab.

i have used show hide feature and expression as : If([Axis.Value]is not null,true,false) and show items. Still is does not make any changes. please suggest an alternate.


case when ([Payment Days]>=0) and ([Payment Days]<=20) then "0-20"
when ([Payment Days]>=21) and ([Payment Days]<=50) then "21-50"
when ([Payment Days]>=51) and ([Payment Days]<=100) then "51-100"
when ([Payment Days]>=101) and ([Payment Days]<=250) then "101-250"
when ([Payment Days]>=250) and ([Payment Days]<=500) then "251-500"
when ([Payment Days]>=500) and ([Payment Days]<=800) then "501-800"
else "800+"

Does this help.
shivibhatia - Dec 29, 2015 - 10:39am
I think your case statement may have gotten messed up when posted. If it did try attaching it in a word doc or something.
This forum seems to be messing up some posts.
wirlybird - Dec 29, 2015 - 5:38am
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