Hierarchical data object not available in Add with CreateWith block

Hello Scribe friends.


Am in the process of developing a custom connector. I am using the hierarchical data support in the SDK explained here:




I'm trying to create a "shipment" record which requires a number of child "products" adding as an array of child objects during the create operation.


The issue I have is that the entity "Product" doesn't exist in the available data objects to add to the CreateWith Shipment block.


Product is a nested object only and no top level actions should be available for it.



An extract from my code setting the PropertyDefinition:

if (field.Name == "Product")
propertyDefinition.MaxOccurs = -1;
propertyDefinition.PropertyType = "Entities.ShipTheory.Product";
propertyDefinition.UsedInActionInput = true;
propertyDefinition.UsedInActionOutput = true;
propertyDefinition.UsedInQueryConstraint = true;
propertyDefinition.UsedInLookupCondition = true;
propertyDefinition.UsedInQueryConstraint = true;
propertyDefinition.UsedInQuerySelect = true;
propertyDefinition.UsedInQuerySequence = true;


This looks to be working OK as it appends [] to the propertytype in the Scribe UI to indicate that it's a collection (as per above). The propertytype is set to the name of one of my ObjectDefinitions (i.e. Product).


My product entity is defined as follows within the Shipment object definition:

public IEnumerable<Product> Product { get; set; }

Any ideas where I am going wrong?







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