Hortonworks connector to Azure HDinsight Hive doesn't work?

Hi, I’m trying to connect Spotfire Analyst 7.8.0 with an Azure HDinsight Hive table (HiveServer2). Unfortunately, without success.

I tried several different ODBC drivers (Hortonworks, Cloudera, Microsoft), but only with the Microsoft ODBC Hive driver I can establish a connection. However, with this, I can only download complete tables (which is not what you want with 250mln+ rows).

I understand from Spotfire that the advantage of the Hortonworks ODBC Hive driver, is that you can execute statements in the cloud, and Spotfire only downloads the results. On http://support.spotfire.com/sr_spotfire_dataconnectors.asp#hortonworks it states The Spotfire Hortonworks connector can be used to connect to other Apache Hive data sources. So I have “Hortonworks ODBC Driver for Apache Hive 2.1.12 installed. But when I try, I get an error that the datasource doesn’t exist (see attachment). With the same settings and the Microsoft driver, it just connects.

Does anyone have a suggestion how I can move forward? I saw another post here about OData, but it seems to me (and the Spotfire support pages) ODBC is the way forward.





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After some more reading, I suspect the problem might have something to do with the (missing) authentication mechanism.

When Hive2 is running on Azure HDInsight, you need to select the Windows Azure HDInsight Service mechanism to be able to authenicate. In the Microsoft ODBC Data Source Administrator I can specify to use HDInsight Service authentication for my Hortonworks - Jive connector. Establishing connection works then just fine. But in the Spotfire connector settings screen, you can only select "no authentication/username/username-password/Kerberos". But no option for Azure HDInsight mechanism.

Is this correct? Is there a workaround (without moving data to another location)? Or should I accept connection Spotfire with the Hive Hortonworks connector does not work when Hive is hosted on HDInsight?

Igor.R - Aug 03, 2018 - 2:58am
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