hotfix for QueryBuilderForm error not resolving issue

Hi There,


I've searched the forums for a resolution, but not having any luck.


The original problem is as described by others: clicking "Configure Source" results in an error message: "Error creating QueryBuilderForm (CoCreateInstance failed) - Class not registered (Error code=800040154)".


On our production server, we resolved the issue temporarily by rolling back .Net updates.  This happened with several Microsoft updates over the course of a couple weeks, so I'm not going to list the KB numbers here - but we've arrived at the point where this is almost a daily occurrence.


To test things we prefer to run hotfix's and updates in Dev first, so.... our dev server was working fine, but in order to test the patch, we needed to duplicate the production problem.  We created the problem, successfully I might add, by doing the following:

  • Update .Net to version 4.7.


So with Dev having this "Configure Source" error now, we added the hotfix by following the directions in the PDF supplied within the hotfix:

  • Stop services and exit Scribe apps
  • Backup TWorkbench
  • Backup Console directory
  • Copy new TWorkbench and Console directory into folders
  • Check ScribeSnapIn DLL for "blocks" (none exist)
  • Restart Services


However, after applying the Hotfix, the problem still remains (QueryBuilderForm error when clicking "Configure Source").


Here are some details:

Scribe Version:

.Net Version: 4.7.02053

Server: Windows Servicer 2008 R2 Standard


Any ideas?


Thanks in advance,


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