How to add List<type> property as a column in custom connector Query component?

In CDK custom connector: i have define model class to get data from API and that is working properly. but now we need to add one more property to that model which is a list of another model(class)

ex: public class Contacts


    public bool abandoned { get; set; }

    public int abandonSeconds { get; set; }

//public List<Tag> tags { get; set; }


getting this exception:

Message: Exception Type : SerializationException 

Message : Type 'System.Collections.Generic.List`1[[CDyx.CDK.ScribeConnector.Models.Tag, CDyx.CDK.ScribeConnector, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null]]' with data contract name 'ArrayOfTag:' is not expected. Consider using a DataContractResolver if you are using DataContractSerializer or add any types not known statically to the list of known types - for example, by using the KnownTypeAttribute attribute or by adding them to the list of known types passed to the serializer. 

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