How to add machines to a Domain in BW 6


I am trying to know the process of adding additional machines to a domain in Tibco BW 6.5 environment.

Basically, I have two questions.

1. How to add additional machine to a Domain? If I register a BWagent agent to a TEA server, does that add the machine?

   For example, Let us say I installed TEA and BW on HostA and HostB. I also created a Domain on HostA.

   Now, I want to add HostB to the newly created domain on HostA. If I register the BWagent of HostB on the HostA through BWadmin utility, will that add HostB to the domain?

   Please clarify if this is the process of adding additional machines to a domain in BW 6. Correct me and let me know if it is wrong.

2. After I add HostB to the domain, if I want to create two Appspaces in this domain where Appspace1 should span across two machines HostA and HostB, and Appspace2 should        exist only on HostA, how can I accomplish it? I could not find a way to configure an appspace spanning across multiple machines. Please find the screenshot attached in which I          could see a dropdown selection where I can select only one host. (I dont think it will allow more than one agent even though it exists since it is a drop down field).

Please clarify.

Thanks in advance!!!





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