How to add a new WEB_PLAYER service in a scripted way


having several Spotfire installations, we want to automate the upgrade from 7.5 to 7.6.

  • Spotfire Server (Linux)
  • Spotfire WEB_PLAYER NodeManager (Windows Server) 

We managed to upgrade the server and node manager, trust the new node manager using the CLI via:

/usr/local/bin/tibco/tss/7.6.0/tomcat/bin/ trust-node

In the Spotfire Web UI, the node comes up and is getting green.

To add a WEB_PLAYER service to this node, you manually need to click on "Install new service", select the parameters and click on "Install and start".

Is there a way to do that in a automated way? I cannot find a command for it - neither in the CLI nor in the Webservice API.


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