how to Automatically select values inside a filter

Hi All,

I have a spotfire report with 3 pages / tabs.

I was able to use the iron python code to automatically loop through the pages with 5 seconds as the time frame. Basically the the ist page will be discplayed for 5 seconds and after that it will move to 2nd page and 3rd there after.

I wanted to know if there is any option to select the values inside the filter in the first page with a duration.

For eg I have a filter named project and values like 'A', 'B', 'C'. I wanted the report to select the value 'A' and isplay the data for 2 seconds and then automatically move to next value "B", display it for 2 seconds and then "C" for 2 seconds. Once this is done it should move to the next page.


Any help is appreciated.


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