How to bring the database data faster in Spotfire?

Hello, I have few SQL's which takes more than 40 minutes to load the data into Spotfire. Database is SQL server.

The tables used in SQL's has a lot of data which is required to show on dashboard. I cannot avoid/manipulate the results.

Is there a way to bring the data faster in Spotfire? Below are the problems i am going through,

1) Performance Issue

2) Admin team needs to wait for long time for dashboard to open to apply schedule updates to quick access of the report in Web player.

3) SQL's execution time may impact other dashboard sitting on Prod environment.

Please suggest if there is a way to bring in the results quicker into dashboard.

Note: I have heard about ADS (Advanced Data Services). Per my knowledge, this would connect to database and create a view for Spotfire to leverage but i am not sure if this gives results quicker than normal appraoch i.e. Info link having SQL which connects to database to load the results in dashboard.

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