How to build a connector with Advanced Map support?


I'm trying to create a connector that will work in the advanced maps. I build the connector by following the " Scribe.Connector.Cdk.Sample.SYS" project, but it doesn't show in the advanced map connection lists (it does in the basic maps). If I try to convert a basic map to an advanced map, it says " Source Connector does not support advanced maps."

Does anyone have a working (simple) example of a connector that will work in advanced maps?
Is there an additional interface I need to implement?
Or can someone point me in the right direction for more information?

Tnx in advance, 'cause I'm kinda clueless right now .

Posted by Martijn K. on Apr 11 2013 11:54AM { U3867 , F40 , T3075 , C9854 }

(2) Answers