How can I inject a calculated column's value into a link renderer string?

Currently we use IronPython to build the link renderer text.  this allows us to inject a document property into it (because the url changes from system to system).

Here's an example of what we are doing.

	elif str(col) == 'Tran':
		found, column = TIVis.TableColumns.TryGetTableColumn(col)
		if found:
			print str(col)
			column.ValueRendererSettings.LinkTemplate = Document.Properties['nactURL'] +str(col)+ "/profiles/hr/{$}"


we really need to inject a calculated column in there like this because CalculatedColum1 will be different for each row.

column.ValueRendererSettings.LinkTemplate = Document.Properties['dynamicURL'] +[CalculatedColum1]+ "/weather/state/{$}"


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