How can i save string formatting in the text area?


the String column ([Column1]) in datatable has the next value with such formatting:

1. Aaaaa

2. Bbbbbb; 

3. Ccccccccc;


When I try to use this column in text area, i use the next expression:

when UniqueConcatenate([Column1]) is not null then UniqueConcatenate([Column1])
else "" end

But, unfortunately, the formating lost (line separator) and I get the next string in the text area

1. Aaaaa 2. Bbbbbb; 3. Ccccccccc;

How can i pass the correct formatting to  the text area?


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There is not an option in Spotfire to do this. I think we can achieve this using Replace function in Javascript.For your report using the Developer tools you can get the class for the column in text area,then you can use Replace command to replace "," with new line character.


Please Note: I have not tried this at my end, just giving an info with a hope it might work.

Nawaz - Jul 25, 2017 - 5:44pm ::
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