How can I use an IIronPython Script to set the filtering scheme on multiple tabs?

I need to be able to set the filtering scheme to be used on multiple tabs in a dxp from a property control

I have the following script which will change the filtering scheme to the value in the property control in the current tab, but I need to extend this so it will also change set the filtering scheme on other tabs too:

from Spotfire.Dxp.Application.Filters import *
panels= Document.ActivePageReference.Panels
(found, filterPanel) = panels.TryGetPanel [FilterPanel]()
for filteringScheme in Document.FilteringSchemes:
 filteringSelection = filteringScheme.FilteringSelectionReference
 if filteringSelection.Name == (MyFilterScheme):
  filterPanel.FilteringSchemeReference = filteringScheme

Can anyone help please?

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