How can we connect SQLite datasource with Sharpoint in Spotfire?

I have used the below template  for making SQLite connection with external drive from Spotfire and it works





   <table-types>TABLE, VIEW</table-types> 

   <ping-command>SELECT 1</ping-command> 







and the connection URL used is jdbc:sqlite:\\\\\dfs\common\chinook.db

Now it works with external drive and not from the sharepoint. Could you please help us how can we make connection from Sharepoint with SQLite?


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As a follow up question here:

Which credentials does Spotfire Server use when accessing the SQLite database file specified in the URL field of the Data Source? It is clearly not passing SSO credentials of the user, acessing the Information Link which is based on that Data Source. I am guessing it is using some sort of admin account, or the Windows credentials of the user running the server. Whatever the case, it does not seem TIBCO has ever anticipated that 1) file-base data sources will be used or that 2) database files can be places somewhere other than the server location.

The example for AccessDB here ( is also referencing a local file (on C: drive). 

Could TIBCO please confirm that you guys never anticipated accessing network locations through Connection URL field in the Data Source dialog and therefore did not implement passing of SSO from Information Link to Data Source.

dmyp - Dec 07, 2017 - 2:40pm ::
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